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Adopting your new P&C Constitution

Step 1.

Your P&C will receive a Constitution Package from WACSSO*. It will contain a copy of the revised P&C Constitution and other instructional documents.

When this package has been received, the President and Secretary should call an Executive Committee Meeting (give 48 hours notice) and:

  1. Read the instructions on the inside cover of the package folder;

  2. Discuss the process to adopt the Constitution; 

  3. Read the document Your new P&C Constitution;

  4. Watch the Major Changes video and discuss the changes from the previous Constitution;

  5. Discuss what you will need to address to become compliant. Use this Compliance Checklist;

  6. read through the Q&As on this site;

  7. set the financial year of your P&C and insert into Rule 4.0 on the Constitution; and

  8. insert the name of the P&C into Rule 1.0.

* All packages will be sent to the P&C via the school. Please check with front office staff if you have not received yours.

Step 2.


  1. Give written notice of at least 7 business days for a General Meeting or Special General Meeting (recommended*).  

  2. Issue the template Agenda (with included motions) for the meeting. 

  3. Distribute the edited Constitution (with P&C name and financial year) to your membership and school community along with the agenda. The Constitution should be distributed as a PDF.


Direct all questions from your membership to this website and the Q&As before contacting the WACSSO office.

* The advantage of calling a Special General Meeting is the entire meeting can be devoted to the adoption of the new P&C Constitution.

Step 3.

Before the Special General Meeting:

Step 4.

At the Special General Meeting:

Step 5.

Complete and email* all the required forms (minutes and completed DMIRS forms A & B ) to WACSSO as soon as possible after the meeting.

WACSSO must lodge the the Notice of Special Resolution with AssociationsOnline (DMIRS) within thirty (30) days of your P&C passing the Special Resolutions or the P&C will need to repeat the process. 

Checklist for documents that must be completed and emailed back to WACSSO:

a. Copy of the first two pages of the P&C Constitution with your three edits
      edit 1- Name of P&C Association​​ at top of page 1
      edit 2- Name of P&C Association at Rule 1.1

      edit 3- The date your financial year starts (e.g. January 1) at Rule 4.0 

b. Minutes of the Special General Meeting (or General Meeting)

c. DMIRS Form 5


*WACSSO will only accept these forms through email. Email

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